The Timeline of the Tribulation

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The Timeline of the Tribulation is a multi-Chapter Bible study that covers events prior to, during and just after the Tribulation of Satan. The Tribulation is in fact the time when Satan and his angels are cast from Heaven and appear on earth where Satan will claim to be the Savior of the world. This will be the time when men’s souls are in the most danger, it will also be the time when the Saints along with the Two Witnesses make a stand for God before the entire earth. While we patiently wait for this portion of our Father’s Timeline to arrive there is still scripture that must be fulfilled.

In “The Timeline of the Tribulation” we are going to analyze subjects such as the Beast with Seven Heads in the book of Revelation and document from God’s Word what the Beast is and more importantly what the Seven Heads are and what they mean for us today.

We will also discuss the Ram and the He Goat from the great book of Daniel and discover the historical figures and the most likely representation of those Biblical examples for us today. It is this event that must transpire before the Four Winds are released which is a subject we will dive very deep into. Then, and only then, will the Seven Trumpets spoken of in the book of Revelation begin to sound which also marks the point in time when the Sealing of the Saints has been completed.

It will be during this point in time when the new world order government of Satan’s children truly stand, the moment when the Ten Clay Kings rise from the nations of the earth. It will be this system, the future system of Satan’s children that will receive the Deadly Wound. At that moment, Satan and his angels are cast out of Heaven and appear on earth claiming to be Christ who has come to restore His Kingdom, but it is an abominable lie that will flood the entire earth.

We will also cover the timing of Satan’s appearance, meaning the possible date that he will appear on earth as scripture provides us with some documentation and many examples that we will dive deep into.

We will document that Satan is in fact going to appear on earth before men for the entire One Week of Daniel, the entire Tribulation that was originally seven years, but was shortened by Christ down to just a five month period (Matthew 24:22, Revelation 9:5).

During the Tribulation, the Saints are going to make a stand for our Father and this will be solidified at the midst of the week when the Two Witnesses appear. The Saints and the Two Witnesses will work in tandem, all led by our Father’s Holy Spirit, as they battle Satan and his wicked angels. It will be the greatest spiritual battle the world has ever witnessed and it will have very real physical and mental consequences. This spiritual battle and the witnessing that will be performed by the Saints and the Two Witnesses will lead many back to our Father during the final days of Satan’s reign.

It is very important to ensure during these end times we do not get ahead of ourselves and it is our duty to ensure we understand the Word and let it flow. We should not become so over anxious for the return of Christ that we force or leave out key events that must transpire before His return. In this study we have done our best to bring scriptural documentation forward for the events that must come to pass before Satan appears on earth. We have done our best to diligently seek out the scriptures and through prayer we believe this has led us to the conclusions we have come to.

It is now up to you, the reader to diligently pray and read with understanding the studies we have presented to you, to pray for wisdom and understanding and to make up your own mind.


Brandon T. Ward


The Timeline of the Tribulation

The sub-chapters provide the reader with easy reference and break points.


The Beast With Seven Heads



The Ram And The He Goat



The Release Of The Four Winds



The Deadly Wound


The Timing Of Satan’s Appearance



The Hour Of Temptation



The Silence In Heaven And The Two Witnesses



The Epic Battle Of The Saints

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