The 70 weeks of Daniel Explained

According to most, the Bible prophecy of Daniel’s 70 weeks is either a Messianic prophecy that foretells the baptism of Jesus Christ and the year of His crucifixion, or it is a prophecy that tells of the coming of antichrist and a seven year tribulation period. I think you will agree that this is quite a contrast of opinions and something is seriously wrong here.

Without going into major detail, we find that going back in time that there is clear evidence that the latter interpretation can be backtracked to the pen of the Spanish Jesuit Francisco Ribera and the Catholic Church. Going back even further in history, we find the 70 weeks of Daniel was always understood as being a messianic prophecy.

Because Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy is so important, and the material here has been so thoroughly researched resulting in very accurate information on the true dates of the baptism and crucifixion of Christ, which in turn also gave conclusive proof that Jesus is the Messiah, that our adversary came against this site in ways I never thought possible. There is no doubt that Satan does not want the truth on this topic understood. Below is a chart showing the correct dates for Daniel's prophecy and these will all be proven from history and the Bible later.

Daniel 70 weeks chart

When I first began researching this topic on the internet, I found that almost every site I read had conflicting dates, and that almost all had made simple mistakes such as counting year zero or not allowing for inclusive years when using the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar, if they even used this valuable piece of historical evidence at all. For a reason that many were not aware of, they chose not to use this historical information because they could not reconcile the starting date with the fifteenth year and so just ignored this important historical proof altogether. Some apparently figured they must have had their starting date wrong and so just adjusted the starting date of this prophecy to match. This is not sound exegesis by any means. Those who used this historical data swore that their dates were correct but as a result, their starting date for the prophecy of weeks could not be reconciled with their ending date for this prophecy. They either came to a date that was either more or less than 70 weeks. This is because most have missed a very important fact in the starting date of the reign of Tiberius Caesar as given in Luke 3:1.

There is no doubt that this prophecy is one of the most misunderstood in the Word of God and it is also one of the most abused. Most of the Christian world debates if the so called rapture will be pre-trib, mid-trib or post-trib and yet this is based on manufactured prophecy that our adversary planned as just one part of his final end-time deceptions.

Please select page two for the complete document of the 70 weeks of Daniel explained. This site gives extremely detailed date evidence and covers the abuse on this prophecy of weeks from the book of Daniel.




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