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The Book of Revelation can be both exciting and confusing. It's exciting because it records dramatic visions about the role of Jesus and the church in the history of the world. But it's also confusing because its imagery is so foreign to modern readers. Even so, the overall message is clear: King Jesus is returning in victory.

Course Goals:

  • Introduce viewers to the background and primary message of the Book of Revelation.
  • Summarize the structure, content, original meaning and modern application of the Book of Revelation.

The Apostle John received this extraordinary revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ while living on the Island of Patmos during the latter part of the 1st century A.D.  Perhaps, no other book in the Bible gives more information about future events than the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  Yet, the Book of Revelations contains much additional and precious information about the past and present as well.

Islands will Disappear. 

Mountain Ranges will be Flattened.

We could exploit more futurist headlines documented in this wonderful book, The Book of Revelation.  However, the coming future plagues, woes, and the implementation of God's wrath is only a part of what's covered in this divine revelation given by God to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

There is much, much more revealed in the The Book of Revelation than just "The Late Great Planet Earth."

The King James Bible entitles this book as The Book of Revelation.  However, the document that our living Lord Jesus Christ instructed John to write, refers to itself as The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Why Not Be a Happy Christian?

There is precious information to be discovered in a thorough study of the Book of Revelations.  The book itself makes a promise that should be proved.

Revelation 1:3 (KJV)
3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein:

The Greek word for blessed in this verse can be translated into English as Happy.  The Book of Revelation promises to bring happiness to those who read and hear and keep the information contained therein. 

In this course on The Book of Revelation, we do our best to help others to hear and understand.  It will be the student's responsibility to keep this wonderful Revelation of Jesus Christ with a resulting promise - happiness. 

Why not prove The Book of Revelation?

The Book of Revelation Sealed?

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is not supposed to be "Sealed." 

It is supposed to be made known. 

Sadly, for the most part, a true teaching, hearing, understanding and keeping of the information given in the Book of Revelation by today's congregation seems rare.  The most common media seem to focus on the coming catastrophe while ignoring many other rich themes.  Thus, the Book of Revelation is obscured by the hype and omission so prevalent in contemporary marketing and culture.  Today's pulpit typically erroneously teaches or ignores the Book of Revelation, practically "sealing" the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

This presents a lost opportunity for True Christian Happiness.  We intend to help break the seal put by some of mankind on the Book of Revelation - The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

About Our Online Course on The Book of Revelation

In this online course on the Book of Revelation, we cover every chapter and verse.

Because we translate from the oldest extant documents, we intend to offer a more accurate, contemporary course on The Book of Revelation. Our goal is to make known the Revelation of Jesus Christ and let the scriptures speak for themselves without hype, omission and error.

Our Course includes:

Course Outline

The first word in this writing is Apocalypse, which is a Greek word usually translated into English as "revelation" and it refers to something that is uncovered or revealed, as though removing a veil to expose what had previously been hidden. This word is only written once by John in this writing, which contains various revelations about many events constituting the whole book of what was revealed - the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

John was one of Jesus' learning-disciples (students), and as we read, we will clearly see that the Lord Jesus Christ revealed this prophetic information to John so that...

  • not only the holy-people living during this age
  • but also the people living during the next age
    • (the next age will be between the gathering-together of all holy-people away from the earth and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ back on earth)

...will be able to read and understand what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing now and what he will do in the future with reference to the realm of mankind and the spirit realm.

The following is a very short summary of the effects or events that take place from John’s viewpoint as he receives the revelation:

·         1:1-3                      Introduction

John introduces this writing with an explanation of where the information originated from and a summary of what it contains. It is the Revelation of/from Jesus Christ...

  • which God gave to Jesus Christ (God was the ultimate source of this information; Jesus Christ received it from God his Father)
    • to point-out to His slaves,
      • regarding the things which are necessary to happen in quickness (once these things begin they will occur with speed, swiftly),

...and Jesus Christ signified (gave the signal or sign) - how? -

  • he apostled (he sent these things forth/away)
    • through his angel (by way of his angel – this angel assisted with the signs that Jesus Christ signified)
  • to his slave John,
    • who witnessed
      • the word of/from God
      • and the witness of/from Jesus Christ
    • as much as John saw (referring to what he perceived and which are detailed throughout this writing).

·         1:4 - chapter 3      Present Earth

John is told that what he observes by revelation and he must send it to the 7 churches in the west area of Asia Minor (modern Turkey) - into Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

·         chapters 4 and 5  Heaven

John continues writing about events occurring during the past, the present, and the future - but in chapters 4 and 5 the events take place in heaven.

John writes many details including that around God's throne he saw twenty four (24) thrones with twenty four elders sitting down. Also there were four living-beings (4 alive creatures located in the exact positions to cover the ways or directions of east, west, north, and south, and the 4 quarters or quadrants of the heavenly zodiac written in the stars). These 4 living-beings are full of eyes in front and behind and were like a lion, a calf, the face as a man, and a flying eagle.

John also perceived in the middle of the throne and the four living-beings, and in the middle of the elders...

  • a little lamb standing (a small lamb representing the Lord Jesus Christ)
    • as having been slaughtered (killed, slain being the sacrificial offering) and the evidence of his slaughter was still there,
      • having seven horns and seven eyes
      • which are the seven spirits of God
      • which were apostled
      • into all the earth (every part of it);

...and the little-lamb came and took the book out-from the right hand of God Who is sitting down on the throne.

·         6:1 - 7:8                Earth

The details written in Revelation 6:1 - 7:8 pertain to effects or events taking place on earth as a result-of and corresponding-to the previous events which took place in heaven (refer to Revelation chapters 4 and 5).

As the little-lamb, which is representing the Lord Jesus Christ, opens the seals - John then sees different pictures, images, etc, (similar to watching a movie, a panoramic view) showing and declaring the various phases of the future implementation of God's wrath as a result of His righteous judgment.

John also heard the amount of the slaves who are sealed - a hundred forty four thousands (144,000) from every tribe of the sons of Israel.

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·         7:9 - 8:6                Heaven

Revelation 7:9 changes to John writing about events which take place in heaven (not on earth as chapter 6 and 7:1-8 above). The next events which take place in heaven span from Revelation 7:9 - 8:6.

John writes that at whatever time the little-lamb opened the seventh seal there became silence in the heaven for the length of time of about half an hour.

The time of the completing together of the age, which includes judgment, will occur quickly in response to the prayers of God's people.

·         8:7 - 11:14                        Earth

The details written in Revelation 8:7 - 11:14 pertain to effects or events taking place on earth as a result-of and corresponding-to the previous events which took place in heaven (refer to Revelation 7:9 - 8:6).

Many people and things were affected by the angels blowing their trumpets.

The effects or events following the last 3 angels blowing their trumpets will be especially woeful to/for the recipients.

These include things resulting from locusts, and the death of one-third of the population of mankind, and other events.

Also God will have two witnesses who will prophesy a thousand two-hundred sixty days (1,260 days = 42 months = 3½ years) clothed with sackcloth (worn to demonstrate deep regret and grief regarding a situation or circumstance).

When these two witnesses would bring their witness to its intended fulfilling ending-issue (bring it to its completion)...

  • the wild-animal (the beast) will come up out from the abyss and will make war (battle) with them
  • and the wild-animal will gain the victory over them (conquer them) and it will kill them.

However, after 3½ days the spirit of life originating from God goes into the 2 witnesses who had died and they stand on their feet.

John specifies a change or transition of woes:

  • The second woe went away (the effects or events pertaining to the second woe have gone by for John in what he is seeing and hearing by revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ);
  • look!, the third woe (number 3 of 3 woes - the last woe)
    • comes quickly (with speed, swiftly).

The third woe spans Revelation 11:15-19.

·         11:15-19(a)                       Heaven

Revelation 11:15-19(a) records what John saw regarding the events that will take place in heaven (not on earth as Revelation 8:7 - 11:14).

The seventh angel blew his trumpet – and the twenty four elders in the sight and presence of God who are sitting down on their thrones fell down flat on their faces and worshipped God. Also, the interior-temple of God in the heaven opened, and the ark of His covenant was seen.

·         11:19(b)                Earth

There became lightnings and sounds and thunders and quakes and large hailstone.

·         12:1-12                  Heaven

Revelation 12:1-12 records what John saw regarding the events that take place in heaven (not on earth as Revelation 11:19(b)). These verses continue to reveal the full scope of redemption and salvation that is written in the stars and the constellations.

A great sign (a large sign in magnitude) was seen in the heaven...

  • a woman (the sign of Virgo which is the first constellation representing God's people who are part of fallen mankind).

And there was seen another sign in the heaven...

  • a great fiery-red dragon.

Also a war came to pass within the heaven (it did not happen on earth). Michael and his angels (Michael is the archangel)...

  • went for the purpose of having a war with (he came to cause a battle against) the dragon,
  • and the dragon warred and his angels (they fought back against Michael and his angels)
  • and the dragon was not strong
    • nor was their place yet found in the heaven,
  • and the large dragon, the old snake, was cast -
    • the one who is presently being called devil and satan, who is causing the inhabitants of the world to wander, be led astray -
  • he was cast into the earth, and his angels with him were thrown into the earth.

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 12:13 - 13:18        Earth

The details written in Revelation 12:13 - 13:18 pertain to effects or events taking place on earth as a result-of and corresponding-to the previous events which took place in heaven (refer to Revelation 12:1-12).

When the dragon perceived that he was cast into the earth (expelled from the heaven) he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male but God prepared a place for her.

John continues with details about the activities of the dragon during the final 3½ years via his various methods in Revelation chapter 13.

John saw...

  • a wild-animal (also referred to as a “beast” in some translations)
  • ascending from the sea

During the last 3½ years prior to Christ's coming on earth again, this wild-animal will continue to look as though it were a human-being promoting itself as a great political leader, but in fact it will be a product of the devil/satan taking the place of the human-being who will be the 7th head who will rise to power during the first 3½ years and will be killed. This wild-animal will seem to be a resurrected man but will be similar to the genetically deformed evil beings referred to in Genesis 6:1-7 and Jude 1:6 and 7.

And John saw...

  • another wild-animal (a second savage beast of prey which is not tamed by mankind and it is of the same kind/sort as the first wild-animal referred to in Revelation 13:1)
    • ascending from the earth (specifically it comes out from the land, the ground where mankind is living - it is a product of those of mankind working for/with the devil/satan),

This second wild-animal is the same one also known as the lying/false prophet and it promotes itself as a religious leader.

And the second wild-animal makes all people so that they would give to themselves...

  • a character-mark (something that has been marked, impressed, the resulting mark made by the marker, the product of an act)
    • on their right hand, or on their forehead,
  • and so that someone would not be able to buy or to sell
  • except the person who has the character-mark, which could either be...
    • the name of the first wild-animal
    • or the number of its name (the total count, arithmetic, the quantity which constitutes its name).

Here is the wisdom: the person having a mind must count the number of the wild-animal...

  • for it is the number of man (a human-being, mankind),
  • and its number six-hundred sixty six (666).

·         14:1-5                    Heaven

Revelation 14:1-5 records what John saw regarding the events that take place in heaven (not on earth as Revelation 12:13 - 13:18).

John saw the little lamb (referring to the Lord Jesus Christ) standing on the mountain of Sion...

  • and in company and association with him are a hundred forty four thousands (referring to the 144,000 people from every tribe of the sons of Israel who were sealed in Revelation 7:2-8 prior to the opening of the 7th seal of the book)
    • having his name (the Lord Jesus Christ)
    • and the name of his Father (the only true God)
    • written on their foreheads (identifying and designating these people as belonging to God and to the little-lamb and living within their authority, ability, etc).

·         14:6-20                  Earth

The details written in Revelation 14:6-20 pertain to effects or events taking place on earth as a result-of and corresponding-to the previous events which took place in heaven (refer to Revelation 14:1-5).

This will be the final time that those people who will have continued to reject God up to this point will be given the opportunity to become saved to God, from sin and its consequences, from destruction. They must fear God and worship Him (not the wild-animals and the devil/satan referred to in Revelation chapter 13).

·         15:1-8                    Heaven

Revelation 15:1-8 records what John saw regarding the events that take place in heaven (not on earth as Revelation 14:6-20).

John saw another sign in the heaven great and marvelous (astonishing, wonderful and amazing):

  • seven (7) angels having the last seven strokes (holding the last 7 blows, strikes, stripes as from being hit by lashes, wounds - these are the more remote, uttermost, final or extreme strokes of judgment),
  • because within the sphere of action of these strokes being implemented on earth
  • the rage of God will be completed.

John also saw the interior-temple of the tent of the witness located in the heaven opened.

·         16:1 - 18:24          Earth

The details written in Revelation 16:1 - 18:24 pertain to effects or events taking place on earth as a result-of and corresponding-to the previous events which took place in heaven (refer to Revelation 15:1-8).

It records the implementation of the third woe on earth following the 7th angel blowing his trumpet in Revelation 11:15.

Many things occur at this future time affecting the earth and mankind, including Jerusalem and Babylon (the center of idolatry exercising the devil's lie and power).

Revelation chapters 17 and 18 provide additional details regarding the interaction and fall of the wild-animal and Babylon referred to in Revelation 14:8 and 16:19.

Revelation 18:24 completes the details (provided in Revelation chapters 17 and 18) regarding the quick and final destruction of the woman Babylon - with corresponding effects on her daughter female-fornicators (including many cities and the current Jerusalem on earth which control various systems of finance, trade, stock-exchange, and promoting false religion, culture, values, etc) and with corresponding effects on the rest of those on earth at that future time.

·         19:1-16                  Heaven

Revelation 19:1-16 records what John saw regarding the events that take place in heaven (not on earth as Revelation 16:1 - 18:24).

After the things already described in this writing, John heard as a great sound of a crowd of people in the heaven praising God because of the destruction of Babylon.

An angel told John to worship God and then John saw the heaven open and a white horse and the one sitting down on the horse (referring to the Lord Jesus Christ) being called the believer and true-one, and in righteousness he judges and wars.

John writes additional information regarding the rider of this white horse including the fact that on his thigh a name that has been written: King of kings and Lord of lords.

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·         19:17 - 20:15        Earth

The details written in Revelation 19:17 - 20:15 pertain to effects or events taking place on earth as a result-of and corresponding-to the previous events which took place in heaven (refer to Revelation 19:1-16).

It records the completion of the final judgments being implemented on earth following the blowing of the 7th trumpet with its 7 bowls.

John perceived the wild-animal and the kings of the earth and their companies of soldiers which had already been assembled together for the purpose of making the war (doing war, causing the battle) against the one sitting-down on the horse (against the Lord Jesus Christ) and against his company of soldiers. 

What was the result of this war?

  • The wild-animal was apprehended and the lying/false prophet which had done the signs in the sight and presence of the first wild-animal (refer to Revelation 13:13-15),
  • these had caused to wander the people who had received the character-mark of the wild-animal (refer to Revelation 13:16-18) and the people who are worshipping its image (refer to Revelation 13:14-16)
  • the two (2) of these wild-animals living were thrown (they were cast alive) into the lake of the fire of the burning in sulfur (refer to Revelation 17:8);
  • and the remaining-people (the rest of the people who were fighting in this battle against the Lord Jesus Christ and those with him)
  • were killed by the sword of the one sitting-down on the horse, specifically the sword having come out from his mouth,

...and all the birds were fed from their fleshes.

Revelation 20:1-3 continues with the effects of this war in relation to the spirit-beings opposing the Lord Jesus Christ and those with him.

John saw an angel descending from heaven holding the key of the abyss and a large chain on his hand, and he strongly held the dragon - specifically referring to the old snake, who is the devil and satan. Then the angel bound the dragon for a thousand years (1,000 years, a millennium) and cast him into the abyss and he shut and sealed the abyss over him.

John writes about the first resurrection which included those who were beheaded during the wrath. These will sit on thrones and reign as kings with the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth for 1,000 years.

But when that the thousand years would be completed satan will be released out from his prison (the abyss), and he will exit for the purpose of causing the nations to wander in the four corners of the earth, for the purpose of assembling them together into the war (the final battle that satan will organize against the Lord Jesus Christ on earth).

What happened? Fire descended out from heaven (fire came down from God) and devoured them (not allowing any person to escape)

  • and the devil, the one causing people from all nations to wander,
    • was cast into the lake of the fire and sulfur (brimstone - the unquenchable fire which will burn all those against God),
    • where also the wild-animal and the lying-prophet were cast (refer to Revelation 19:20 - these 2 wild-animals will never exit because they will be completely destroyed by the lake of the fire and sulfur),
  • and they will be tormented (tortured) without any interval until everything associated with the devil's spirit realm, including the devil and his devil-spirits and his 2 wild-animals, will be completely destroyed.

John next saw a great white throne and God sitting down on it. 

John saw the dead-people, from large to little, standing in the sight and presence of the throne and books were opened and another book was opened which is the book of the life. The dead-people were judged from the things which were written in the books in accordance with their works.

Death and gravedom were cast into the lake of fire, and if someone was not found written in the book of the life he was cast into the lake of the fire, thereby receiving the second death, complete destruction by burning in the lake of the fire.

·         21:1 - 22:5                        New Heaven and New Earth

John records information regarding the new heaven and the new earth - together. He saw...

  • a new heaven and a new earth (replacing the former heaven and earth),
  • for the first heaven and the first earth went away (those in existence today),
  • and the sea is not still on earth where it was before.

And John saw the holy city -  new Jerusalem...

  • descending from heaven from God,
  • prepared as a bride having been orderly-arranged (ornamented, adorned) for her adult-male (the grown-man to whom she is promised, the bridegroom who will be her husband after the marriage).

John heard a great sound originating from God's throne saying that the tent of God will be with the men (human-beings, mankind).

And God Who is sitting down on the throne said that He makes all new-things.

Revelation 22:1-5 shows some similarities and differences between the original mankind in his environment (refer to Genesis chapters 1-3) and the new mankind in his new environment which will be the Paradise of God that will exist again on earth.

And the throne of God and of the little lamb (representing the Lord Jesus Christ) will be within the city of the new Jerusalem.

·        22:6-21                  Conclusion

John writes the conclusion of this writing of the Revelation of Jesus Christ; and Revelation 22:6-21 corresponds to Revelation chapter 1.

This book is open to be read by all since it was first written by John in the first century. Everybody should know what is written in this book which reveals the outcome of all that God and the Lord Jesus Christ will accomplish in fulfillment of God's original promise regarding the Christ as recorded in Genesis 3:15.

John writes words that he hears, including words from God - the supreme ruling King to Whom all others will be subject following the Lord Jesus Christ finishing his tasks relative to what is recorded regarding mankind.

And the Lord Jesus Christ says...

  • "Yes (with definite affirmation),
  • I come quickly (I am coming/going with speed, swiftly - so as to implement what is written in this book)."

And John responds in agreement:

  • "With-certainty (amen, surely, truly!),
  • you must come (it is imperative that you are coming),
  • Lord Jesus."

Then John closes this writing of the Revelation of Jesus Christ by expressing his prayerful desire:

(May) the grace of the Lord Jesus (be) with all-people.

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