One of the most thorough examinations of the Scriptures ever written,
this series harmonizes the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation,
in the light of the Bible’s own inspired statements.

The Divine Plan of the Ages (356 Pages)
delineates God’s plan from paradise lost to paradise restored.
It was the third best seller in the early 1900s; the Bible and the Chinese Almanac being first and second. Joseph B. Rotherham, who translated The Emphasized Bible, exclaimed: “The Chapter on ‘The Permission of Evil’ alone is more than worth the price of the whole volume...”



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The Time is at Hand (371 Pages)
thoroughly examines Bible chronology as it relates to “the time of the end” and “the times of restitution... spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.” (Acts 3:21)
Interlocking time prophecies, the second advent of Christ, insights from the book of Daniel, the Antichrist, and our means of defense in this time of trouble are all clearly examined.


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Thy Kingdom Come (380 Pages)
emphasizes prophetic events which point to God’s Kingdom and the thousand year reign of Christ and his Church. It includes such subjects as Israel, the prophecy of Daniel 11, the harvest of the wheat and tares, the final deliverance of the Church, and the hope of the world to come under Christ’s benevolent rule.



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The Battle of Armageddon
 (661 Pages)
clarifies the necessity and justice of the day of God’s vengeance — defining what this battle is and the peaceable Kingdom which will result. It reveals how the increase of knowledge has led to the discontent which will bring about the destruction of all institutions created under the reign of Satan: social, political, financial and religious.



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The Atonement Between God and Man (499 Pages)
is a more advanced study tracing paradise lost to paradise restored through the Atonement — the process by which God brings the world of mankind back into harmony with Him through the sacrifice of His beloved Son. It examines Jesus’ role as the Mediator of the New Covenant and the relationship between the Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit.



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The New Creation (738 Pages)
brings clarity and meaning to the instructions of Jesus and the Apostles toward the purpose, plan and development of the body of Christ — the New Creation. It considers in detail the Genesis account of creation, practical Christian issues of marriage and raising children, the doctrine of baptism, the Passover of the New Creation, establishing Bible study fellowships.



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Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices (164 pages)
is a guide to understanding the literal and symbolic lessons of the Tabernacle — the meeting place between God and His chosen people Israel. It is a thorough examination of the significance of the ancient sacrifices under the Old Testament Law and how these picture Christ’s work of redemption.


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